Why use the Innoseal® bag sealer

⭐️ It is the cheapest bag closing system on the market: 6 closures for 1 cent. This is considerably cheaper than other locking systems such as the mercury loc, locking strips or other possible locking systems. This also makes it the most “green” locking system. Many other systems use PVC tape. This bag sealer uses a rubber solvent tape. Significantly less harmful to the environment and closes much better. The closures are a lot smaller in mass than other closures, so it also reduces the amount of waste. But more important for you is that it saves a lot of space in your warehouse and counter suitable. A large box of refill kits with which you can make approx. 75,600 closures is only 45x13.5x16cm (l, w, h) and weighs only 4.5 kilos.

⭐️ The InnoSeal® seals your products. Because of the piece of paper, you and your customer can always see whether the packaging has been opened before. And because it closes the bag perfectly, you can also guarantee the freshness of your products for longer. The bag closures are also resealable for your customers and safer because the tape sticks to the bag and cannot easily get between the food.

⭐️ This bag sealer is very easy to use. The refill sets can only be placed in the bag sealers in one way, so "a child can do the laundry". And it saves a lot of time, because after inserting a refill set you can make approx. 900 closures again. Studies have shown that it works 50% faster than applying sealing strips or mercury locks.

⭐️ It is a closed system, which means that significantly less dirt can penetrate into the system. This also makes it a sustainable system, because the interior cannot be affected by external influences. It can also be cleaned in the dishwasher. The metal parts are made of stainless steel or galvanized steel. This will only rust when damaged. And the plastic housing is made of impact-resistant plastic (very durable, so won't break, tear or damage).

⭐️ The refill kits are available with a color code system by means of. 7 different colors of paper. One fixed color per day. Another way to manage the freshness of your product.

⭐️ Your customers will appreciate it when you use this system. No more hassle to open the bags closed with tape, the bag can be opened with 1 movement! Twist and Pull.

⭐️ It is optional to include the name of your company in the closure (on the paper rolls). Please contact us for the possibilities.
Food safe and child safe! The closure does not accidentally end up between food and does not swing around as a potentially interesting object for babies or small children to put in the mouth and possibly swallow!